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Legal & Finance Services

Working Solutions For Your Legal And Financial Needs

The legal services program is offered through a leading provider of state-of-the-art legal benefit programs that is constantly expanding its panel of independent professional law firms in order to provide you and your family with the most convenient service possible.

How To Obtain Services

In order to obtain the benefits of your legal plan, simply call toll-free listed within your membership materials and give the customer service department your group and membership numbers. Upon verification, you will receive access to the legal network, which will provide the name and telephone number of the applicable local law firms.


Eligible members and their eligible dependents are able to participate in this plan. An eligible dependent is related to the member in one of the following ways.

  • Spouse: the legal husband or wife of an eligible member.
  • Unmarried children under the age of 19 whom are:
    • Children of the member by birth, legal adoption or legal guardianship, while they are residing in the member’s household and are chiefly dependent on the subscriber for support.
    • Children of the spouse of the member while they are residing in the member’s household, and are chiefly dependent on the member for support.
    • Children who do not reside with the member but are the member’s legal responsibility (e.g., children of divorced parents, children confined to training institutions, children in school).
    • Unmarried children if they are disabled prior to the age of 19 by a medically determined physical or mental condition which prevents them from engaging in substantial gainful activity and which can be expected to be of long, continued, indefinite care or result in death, provided
      that each child who has reached the end of the month in which he/she attained 19 years of age must legally reside or be a member of the household of the member and must be dependent on the member.

Legal and Financial Resource Center

Members are also welcome to browse the legal and financial resource center. To visit the Legal Resource Center, Login to the Program website then click on the Legal-Finance link, then click on the Legal Resource Center link toward the bottom of the page. This center is designed to provide general information and resources on legal and financial matters. It is not meant to replace or supersede the counsel and advice of licensed professionals for your specific matter.

Schedule of Services

This legal benefit program provides its members with the following services:
A. You and your dependents are entitled to one free in-office or phone consultation per subject with a panel law firm on an unlimited number of separate matters per year.
B. You will also receive a twenty-five percent (25%) preferred rate reduction from the law firm’s normal hourly fee. This reduced fee may be utilized by you and your dependents as often as you need while you are covered by this plan.
C. This plan may be accessed by simply calling the toll-free number from anywhere in the United States. Customer Service is available Monday – Friday between the hours of 6am – 5pm PST. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

The Following List Provides Examples of The Types of Services That Qualify For The Twenty-Five Percent (25%) Reduced Fee

Adoption & Guardianship | Divorce Matters | Ante-nuptial Agreement | Bankruptcy | Document Preparation & Review | Civil/Litigation | Driving Under The Influence | Landlord/Tenant | Collection Matters | Name Change | Corporations & Partnership | Real Estate | Criminal Matters | Traffic Violations | Debt Collection Defense | Wills & Trusts

Exclusions and Limitations

The following services do not qualify for the reduced fee:

1. Court cost, fines and other expenses.

2. Appeals to a court of higher jurisdiction; class actions; interventions or amicus curiae filings.

3. Certain matters that existed before this program became effective:

a. Matters where a judgment has already been entered against a member and satisfaction of judgment is being sought;

b. Matters where services are already being provided by another attorney;

c. Matters involving the sponsor officers, employees or agents of the sponsor of the program, or any officers, employees or agents of Consolidated Legal Concepts, inc.

To receive the name of a network firm in your area, please call the toll-free number listed within your member benefit guide.

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