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Technology Benefits

Technical Support, Anti-Virus/Spam Software, Software Firewall, Digital Vault and Much More

Phone & Internet Technical Support

Your benefits include world class cyber security and technical assistance to make sure that we have you covered at every turn. 24/7/365 Phone and Internet Whole Home Technology Support from qualified technicians will connect to member’s computer over the Internet to resolve most technology problems. All individuals within a household are covered.

In-Home/In-Office Technical Support

Over 14,000 qualified technicians are available for dispatch as soon as the same business day to resolve virtually any computer, network or peripheral problem at a service discount of up to 60%.

Online database providing articles and instructions on resolving over 120,000 common technology issues.

Continually Updated Self Help Database.

Antivirus, Antispyware Software

Class I antivirus, anti-spyware software blocks concealed programs that track a customer’s online & offline activity including password stealers, Trojans, worms, keystroke loggers, and other malware.

Antiphishing, Antispam Software

Software blocks and filters web pages and scams that attempt to steal credit card data and other personally identifiable information. Also blocks unwanted email.

Software Firewall

Automatically secures the customer’s internet connection and helps prevent outsiders from accessing customer’s Wi-Fi Network.

Digital Vault

Application that locks up confidential files in an encrypted vault on the hard drive, safeguarding sensitive files from theft.

File Shredder

Software tool ensures that no traces of deleted or sensitive files remain on a computer.

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